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Two-way radio solutions for the transportation industry

We work with transportation companies in Florida and nationwide to provide reliable communication solutions.

继续卡车与MOTOTRBO™ & 全球定位系统(GPS)!

货物最后关头发生了变化. 计划外包皮卡. 路上的意外延误. Your customers depend on receiving freight at the right place at the right time, without fail.


Improve Fleet Efficiency and Your Competitive Edge

Keeping your mobile workforce connected is essential to meeting these demands and protecting them on the road. How do you keep your people in contact while keeping them safe, wherever they travel? With a system that provides instant dispatch and reliable communication to manage your fleet, 无论他们去哪里. A system so efficient and easy to use, it can improve customer service and reduce operating costs.


MOTOTRBO's reliable and easy-to-use digital voice/data technology provides outstanding clarity throughout the coverage area – even at the fringe. 与系统, 调度中心能联系到一辆车, 几辆卡车, 或者一个电话就能搞定整个舰队. 机制可以相互交流, allowing them to easily share knowledge or quickly locate equipment on another vehicle. 和MOTOTRBO, the dispatcher can speed approvals of work orders by connecting customers directly with mechanics on the scene.


"We're a small company and I always thought that to have a tool like this at our disposal would be cost-prohibitive. 恰恰相反. With our prior system that we had in place compared with this system, it's about a 70% savings.——杰克·鲁尔(Jack Rule),移动拖车公司的所有者

MOTOTRBO with 全球定位系统(GPS) and Dispatch Application Software Features

  • Clear and reliable connection: With the integration of voice and data
  • Track location: Real-time information on the location of every vehicle at all times
  • Coordinate deliveries: Which route a driver is taking and how fast it is traveling
  • 汽车轮询
  • 地理防御
  • 历史数据报告



Small companies can benefit from the innovations that power MOTOTRBO with a 全球定位系统(GPS) application. The system delivers exceptional digital communications that are accelerating response times and increasing productivity. It is a breakthrough solution that significantly improves a company's performance and the satisfaction of its customers. 你也可以从这种成本效益中获利, 易于实施, and easy-to-use system that delivers maximum value, 日复一日.

For any company that needs to manage its mobile assets more effectively – the solution is MOTOTRBO with a 全球定位系统(GPS) application.




MOTOTRBO applications offer improved productivity for transportation businesses. Fleet management applications allow you to track vehicle data such as current location and current speed. 对于交通应用程序, you can also track route and schedule adherence, and get alerts when a vehicle reaches a certain waypoint. You can also track events such as engine on/off, 门开/关,灯开/关, 记录司机上下班的情况. This can help you guard against unauthorized deliveries. You can also connect your delivery tracking system over MOTOTRBO, 使用无线条形码或RFID扫描仪.


Giving you centralized control of your workforce, these applications offer customizable user interfaces to allow your dispatcher to coordinate your staff efficiently and effectively. They also enhance business connectivity by allowing telephony interconnections and multi-system patching.


These applications work behind the scenes of your MOTOTRBO network to enhance the efficiency and responsiveness of your system. 与工单票务系统接口, 管理警报和遥测, 并连接到其他消息传递系统, they bring significant benefits to your school.


Track your vehicles and your staff for improved safety, security and accountability. These applications allow you to make the most of MOTOTRBO’s 全球定位系统(GPS) capabilities, and some even offer indoor location tracking capabilities.


To get the best from your MOTOTRBO system, you need to know how it’s performing. These applications give you a dashboard view of key metrics and parameters, with detailed logs helping you plan future growth and upgrades.



数字无线电和. 手机展示

Where Cell Phones Fall Short, Digital 广播s Keep You Going.

Cell phones are not suitable for your business-critical work environment. 他们是不可靠的, 更高的成本, and do not give you the safety features you need to protect your workforce.


MOTOTRBO™ digital radios offer you a wide portfolio of radio solutions to meet your needs.

VDC Research Reveals which Technology is the Trusted Choice for Critical Mobile 通信 and Savings

More than 800 professionals rank their mobile investments. Download to read how digital radios can overcome common cell phone challenges, such as:

  • 总拥有成本明显更高
  • 18- 20%的失败率
  • 较差的音频质量和覆盖

查看数码收音机Vs. 手机展示




Smartphone Application for Broadband Push-To-Talk (PTT) Capability

Communication amongst and between groups of people is a critical part of the day-to-day operations of any organization. For some organizations, mission critical communications are inherent to the organization’s mission. This is true of organizations ranging from the military to workers on an oil rig where efficient communication can be the difference between success and failure – and between life and death.

不幸的是, effective seamless communication is not easily solved when different people with different communications devices on different networks, 在不同的角色, 需要被连接.

The WAVE Work Group 通信 solution is a software platform and suite of applications that remove the technical barriers to secure instant communication across any IP network. WAVE’s resiliency has been tested in some of the world’s most difficult environments including battlefields, 地雷和自然灾害的后果.

The following paper describes how WAVE creates the infrastructure required for software-based mission-critical communications. The paper provides an overview of the basic components and technologies that make up WAVE’s core platform and the suite of end-user applications.



MOTOTRBO收音机已经是同类中最好的了, 而是为了帮助你做到最好, you need enhancements targeted to your specific workplace. Motorola has developed a line of accessories with unique features designed to optimize the performance of your radio in your work environment, unleashing the full power of the industry's most advanced digital radio platform.



Transmit and receive discreetly with a variety of earpieces that feature a streamlined design and rugged cables that withstand tough conditions. With inline push-to-talk and microphones, they're easy to use on the go. Our flexible array of surveillance kits includes two-wire kits (one wire for receiving, one wire for transmitting) and more discreet three-wire kits (separate wires for transmitting, 接收和网络).



Protect hearing and facilitate communications in noisy environments. 舒适的选择范围很广, 耐用, lightweight to heavyweight headsets with noise-canceling boom microphones and in-line push-to-talk. Temple transducer headsets rest on your temple to convert audio into sound vibration and transmit it to your inner ear. You hear your radio and sounds in the surrounding environment; since the transducer sits in front of your ears, 你也可以戴耳塞.


Bluetooth® Wireless for Portable and 移动无线电

Unleash the power of your MOTOTRBO radio without wires getting in the way. Motorola's extensive suite of Bluetooth accessories free you to take the radio off your belt, leave your truck or step away from your desk (up to 30 feet away) and stay connected. 选择隐蔽耳机, heavy duty wireless headsets and Operations Critical Wireless solutions that let you move without constraints around the workplace.



MOTOTRBO电池研发成功, tested and certified for optimal performance with your MOTOTRBO radios and they outperform other brands of batteries. Reduce the number of spare batteries you buy with IMPRES™ batteries. IMPRES batteries can be charged 150 additional times versus a standard battery – a 43% increase in charge cycles. 选择从单一制, 多部件, travel and in-vehicle chargers and be confident your radio is ready when you need it. Get the most out of every battery and eliminate the surprise of "low battery alerts" with IMPRES chargers.



在嘈杂的工作场所清晰地沟通. Remote speaker microphones (RSM) have exclusive audio features for windy outdoor environments (windporting) and noisy environments (noise-canceling). IMPRES audio ensures your voice is heard clearer and louder regardless of how you speak into the accessory. The INC RSM suppresses extreme noise (high decibel equipment, heavy machinery) so you can be heard above all.



Choose microphones designed to keep workers safely connected on the move. Keypad microphones let you easily navigate menus on your radios, 拨电话号码,发短信. The heavy-duty microphone is easy to use while wearing gloves and the telephone-style handset is ideal for discreet communication.



Carrying cases are available in sizes designed to fit your radio and battery and permit audio to be heard clearly. Our carry accessories keep your hands free, so you can concentrate on the task at hand. 选择从一个广泛的尼龙案例, 皮革案例, 肩带, 掏出手机,视频, 都是为了保护你的无线电, 但仍然很容易访问.



Mount your radio on a desk or in your vehicle without compromising safety. Mounting kits give you the flexibility to mount the radio under or in your dashboard, 在座位之间或地板上. Remote mount kits allow you to mount the radio in the truck when dash space is limited.












For more information on how MOTOTRBO can help make every route as efficient and productive as possible, betvlctor伟德体育苹果下载 今天.